Thursday, December 30, 2010

The post-Christmas post!

So, I have been quite a lazy one with the blog lately! I missed my last deadline to put up a photo of the week! Let's just chalk that up to Christmas festivities and holiday work in the retail business taking up my time.

So, takaeko will be pleased to read that I have just today received my iPad in the mail! I must say that the iPad is even more amazing than I thought. I sell these things all day long, but actually having one in my hands to call my own is something else! I have finally had time to sit with the iPad and notice how amazing the multitasking abilities of it are! I have safari, iDisk, mail, iPod, photos, and like 10 different apps open and still running and there is no lag! (for those that are like, so what, just imagine a computer from about 5 years ago trying to do all of that while being less than 3 pounds without a fan!)

That is all to this post. Soon to come, my late photo of the week and my belated Christmas herb post. Getting back into the swing of things for 2011. See everyone next year!


  1. Congratulations, GG!
    You must be excited with your iPad! My most favorite app is Evernote, one of famous crowd service, which allow me to up and download any data like photos,musics from anywhere via WiFi.
    My kids are addicted with some educational apps for math and "The elements".

    See you and happy new year!

  2. Enjoy your iPad and New Year Holidays!

  3. takaeko, I just checked out Evernote! I can't wait to play with it when I get home from work today! I have been doing crosswords, learning Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, and French in all of my free time! I keep playing FingerPiano too! If you haven't played with it, it is a great application!

    Thanks, Malay! Happy New Year to you!

  4. I love the fishcicles...That is really fun! Also, I like the design of your blog.

  5. Thanks! I like the design too, as long as I'm not viewing it on large displays and my iPad.... Then, the formatting just throws in the green background that came out of nowhere. How weird...