Monday, December 20, 2010

Bean sprouts! Yum!

So, I checked up on the bean sprouts, and we have delicious, juicy, crisp mung bean sprouts ready for salads and so forth!

So far, they turned out to be a bit shorter than I would like, which is partially my fault. I should have left the sprouts in the dark where they would grow long, twisted and blanched. So, I just grabbed a few sprouts, and put the rest of the sprouts back into the dark to see whether I can get any bigger sprouts.

A large clump of mung bean sprouts, pre-plucked.
Post-pluck, with the roots removed. Note to growers: putting the mung beans in the light caused them to leaf out too fast, and it gives the sprouts a spicier, somewhat onion flavor at times. Keep them in the dark!
 By the way, as I speak, I have my eyes up in the skies, watching the beautiful total lunar eclipse! To those who aren't able to see it tonight, I'm so sorry. I tried taking photos, but night shooting and my camera just don't agree.


  1. Love bean sprouts! Yeah, should left them in the dark so they wont sprout green leaves...but still can be cooked as stir fry or eaten raw as salad. Yummy! Happy holidays and Merry Xmas GGG!

  2. Mmmm...yummy. I like to cook them with tofu and soy sauce. Hope you have a merry holiday and Christmas.

  3. I like mine stir-fried with tofu.

    FYI. You should tell Stewart over at blotanical that your posts can't be picked. He can fix it.

  4. Thanks! I will definitely tell him!

  5. Merry Xmas, GG!!
    Your been sprouts look good,I think.
    Salad of raw been sprouts is interesting to me because
    we boiled or grill and season them with say-sauce in most cases.

  6. Ipoh, Malaysia is very famous for Bean Sprouts. It seems that natural mineral water from the karst limestone hills provided the nutrients for tasty bean sprouts. We use in in making noodle soup and stir fries. I love it light stir fried with some garlic and a little oil. I'd like to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!