Sunday, December 5, 2010

Photo of the Week 8

Even though the shot is a little blurry (it's so hard to get a good shot of fish that NEVER sit still!), this picture is in honor of my cute little fishy widget on my page. It's the one thing that I love to go to my blog page for and just like to feed them every once in a while. I know they're not real, but I like them still! :-) If you have not noticed, I make sure to change their colors and the background to reflect the seasons!


  1. Well that explains the fishy widget. I didn't know you could feed them.. They all come running...I mean swimming! Cute.

  2. Hey, my heart looks great on your black background. By the way, feel free to use it. Send it to someone special. :-)

  3. I just love your new page and of course your fish aquarium with snowflakes and crystals!

  4. Hazel, thanks! It does look great on the black background! Of course, you are welcome to use any of the images you see here on my page.

    p3chan, thanks for the compliment! The page is growing on me as well!

  5. Picking backgrounds or the lack of any seems to be a personal thing.
    Yes,there are many whom use the same ones because it's what "blogger" has to offer.
    Want different? Maybe a new template would be good.
    I personally can change my background by changing the "html".
    But I keep going back to simple ....IMHO it gives more attention to my posts.

    Have fun,

  6. Hey, the fish do come to feed. Cool!