Monday, December 6, 2010

And the next herb will be.....

I am currently perusing my encyclopedias and herbal books to decide on the next herb to start research on. So I am open to suggestions: What herb would YOU like to see featured next?

I personally have been thinking of doing something in the spirit of the holiday season coming up, but not too plentiful with ideas yet. I have looked into possibly doing frankincense or myrhh (you know, the three wise men's gifts...even though those are technically RESINS...not pure herb...). If anyone knows of herbs that are prominent in kwanza, hannukah, or any other holiday celebrations I would love to discuss the history of them in light of the season.

If not, then I shall take ANY suggestions! Thanks!


  1. How about featuring Mistletoe? It ties in nicely with Solstice celebrations and has many ethnobotanical uses.

  2. I have had someone else suggest mistletoe as well! I think I will be doing it (maybe with a few other holiday herbs as well.)!

  3. I'd like to see something on dill if you haven't already done it, my dill isn't doing so well...

  4. Thanks for the post. Nice touch with the holiday themed herbs. IrishMike

  5. Ali, sorry for the delay in response. I actually did dill here: