Saturday, January 15, 2011

R.I.P. Chickpeas

The poor chickpeas were doomed from the beginning it seems. The bag of soil that I purchased from Lowe's was ripe with fungus gnat larvae eggs it seems as my house was plagued with fungus gnats flying about! After 3 soap washes and not much result, I decided to euthanize the poor chickpeas by placing them and their offending houseguests out in this past week's snowstorm! The chickpeas will be restarted later on in the month.

Thanks to the herb roulette (in other words, I said at work "Hey, somebody name a random herb for me."), the next herb that I will be doing a biography on is cilantro/coriander!


  1. Poor chickpeas! :( They would have been yummy in some kind of dish.

  2. Oh dear, I am disappointed. I was very interested in the chick pea experiment because I wanted to do the same if it was successful. Did you complain to Lowes about the bugs? I always expect that soil bought in a bag is sterilized.

  3. La, yeah I'm sad, since I wwas definitely looking to harvest some yummy Chickpeas... :(

    Hazel, I haven't yet, but I am planning on it since I've never seen soil that infested! It was disgusting!

  4. Hi, I want to give you a pick at blotanical but it didn´t work!?
    Hope, you had a nice weekend!