Monday, January 10, 2011

Hooray for blogpress!

So, finally downloaded blogpress so I can post to blogger straight from my iPad!

So, thinking of getting a wireless keyboard since writing blogs is a bit more keyboard intensive than a touch screen can do at once. Not saying that it can't be done, but the touch screen is pretty sensitive at times and typos occur easier than if I were typing on a physical keyboard. Plus, my typing speed is pretty much halved on a touch keyboard.

I think, since the time has passed for the season, I may forgo doing the holiday season herb history. I frankly found crap on the history of christmas herbs, just a few tidbits. So maybe I will save that for next year when I have more info.

Taking suggestions on the next herb to discuss! There are so many to choose from! Eeeny, meeeny, meiny....

- Posted from my iPad


  1. Great to see your first "- Posted from my iPad" on your blog! Oh,you got Blogpress? As you know there was some problems on their photo server and most of photos there seemed to gone but they had solved them with full recovery.
    How do you transfer photos to iPad?
    Do you have a connection kit?

  2. Actually, I just sync photos to my iPad when I plug it in to my computer. I just drag any photos I want into my pictures folder. Either that, or I can load pictures onto my MobileMe gallery which I can access from my iPad anytime.