Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Direction to the Blog?

So, I have been perusing through gardening blogs, and notice that the better blogs out there focus on an aspect or two of gardening rather than to just cover all of it. By no means do I know all about gardening, and so I think I am going to hone in on my skills and try to cover that!

One of my favorite pastimes is historical reenactment at the local renaissance festival. I play the part of a barber-surgeon in the Tudor reign of 16th century England. A barber-surgeon was the equivalent of a doctor in the days, though there were different types of practitioners of medicine with different views. Anyways, that's not the big point. The point is that as a barber-surgeon, the use of herbs for medicinal purposes was vital. My goal from post to post will be to discuss an herb. Not just in a namby-pamby way covering the basics, but I really aim to discuss how the herb was used through history and how those uses may or may not have changed!

The barber-surgeon of the Maryland Renaissance Festival

I THINK that this is a pretty original kind of blog, but who knows. We'll see!

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