Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hello to all potential readers out there! I write this first post with the knowledge that I have no followers yet, but I believe that the best way to start any regular blog is to start at the core: with the writer.

As you can guess from the title of this blog, I'm gay. I'm also a gardener (go figure). This is by no means a gazette, but I am a fan of alliterations so there we go. I love the theater, movies, acting, singing, sewing, knitting, acting, cooking, dancing, dance music, pop music, musicals, the makeup art style of drag, lots of things that a stereotypical gay guy would like. Some of the non-stereotypically gay things I like are history, medicine, health, four-wheeling, kayaking, video games, historical reenactment, poker, and photography. What was the point of me listing those things? Well, I want to impart that though this blog is titled "The Gay Gardener's Gazette", the emphasis is more on the GARDENING aspect than on the gay aspect. I'm not here to push any agenda, people.

So why should anyone care about what I say? Well, not only do I enjoy gardening when I have the time and the money to partake in it, but I also received my bachelor's degree in plant science. I have worked in the nursery industry since the age of 16, and have worked at 2 of the nation's top 100 nurseries. Working in nursery sales, I thoroughly know many of the plants in the MD/DC/VA area nurseries as well as the issues that arise with them. Alright, that's enough boasting...my head hurts from all of the swelling.

In no way do I claim to be an expert in any subject, and I believe that someone who claims "expert" status just does not understand the nature of knowledge. What I can claim is that I know quite a lot about plants and their related subjects, and I heartily welcome any questions that you might have.

Have a pest problem and don't know what it is? Ask me!
Do you have a plant in your backyard that you can't recognize? Ask away!
Do you have a dying plant and need advice? Send me your questions!
Need landscaping advice? Ask!
Want to know how to make a souffle? Ask someone else...that's off-topic. (eh, I'll just google you a recipe, whatever.)


  1. Hi from Australia. You and I seem to have a lot in common...but I am the girl kind. :-) I will pop back and remember you in case I need a question answered. I am enjoying Spring here, planting my kitchen garden for Summer.

  2. Good luck with your garden. I started mine only a few months ago and am still learning lots. Hopefully you'll find blogging about the experience as enjoyable as i have so far. You can visits my garden blog here:


  3. So agree about knowledge!Nice blog!